11/29/11 - 11/29/2011 – 2011/12 Ice Oval Season Is Already Here For Team AJ

Well even though Team AJ has not compete in any race events for a month.  That doesn’s mean Team AJ has taken any break!  The entire Team AJ crew has been working feverishly for the past month working on getting all 9 of “AJ’s” 2011/12 Ice Oval sleds ready.  This year Team AJ is not only bringing  the same team back again, they also have added another two new crew guy to help with the additional sleds.  Currently the team is assembling her 9 sleds for 11 different classes giving AJ the seat time she is excited for.  As the team continues to work, all they ask for now, is some cold weather to make the much needed ice for them  to see if all the hard work has paid off.  Not only is just the team busy, AJ is staying busy as well.  This week she will be in the “Wausau Area Holiday Parade” on the WKSRA parade float.  In addition to that, she has also been asked again this year to help with a public service announcement that will be views throughout the entire snowmobile season on Charter television promoting snowmobile safety and awareness.  Stay tuned to view her commercial here on