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11/18/12 - Bandolero’s For Sale

11/03/12 - Team AJ caps off successful season

This past Saturday team AJ would hit the asphalt one final time at the US international raceway in shawano WI. With only one week since the last time team AJ was here would mean they were ready to once again tackle the tricky 1/5th mile track. Hot laps would once again show that the tracks tight turn 4 would be where the race was won or lost. With the first 2 sessions going flawless the team was able to get out for one more session which was key as a gear issue would end the session early. The team was able to push the car back to the trailer and with the help of the entire team fix the problem before the first heat. The first heat would have AJ lined up outside row one. As the green flew AJ was able to hold her position for most of the race slipping back a few car lengths from the leader but able to hold on to a solid 2nd place finish. With only a few minutes between heats the team was unable to change anything on the car before they had to push back to staging. Heat 2 would have AJ lined up mid pack on the inside. Off the start the outside seemed to get a better jump causing AJ to complete the first lap in 4th place. AJ would work the next 7 laps trying to make a pass on 3rd but was unable to make a pass as the checkered flew. The feature would show a similar lineup as the first heat with AJ starting outside row 1. Early off in the 12 lap race AJ would find herself in a tight battle with the 2nd place driver. AJ would eventually lose the position but would keep close pace to the 2nd place car. With 2 laps to go any hope of attempting a pass was stopped as AJ would catch lapped traffic and would have to settle for a 3rd place finish. Once again the team left the track feeling they had improved more since last week and look forward to the next season. Check back frequently as news for the 2013 season will be added! Team AJ wants to thank the countless hours put in the shop by the crew and the continued support from all there sponsors. While the start of the 2012 season began on the dirt in a junior sprint car the move was made to bandolero racing on asphalt late July and soon after it was clear that bandolero racing was what team AJ will set there sights on for years to come!

10/22/12 - Team AJ scores first bandolero win!

A very nice day for late October greeted team AJ at the us international raceway in shawano wi. This would be the first time ever bandolero’s would take to the tight 1/5 mile track. Hot laps would quickly show that keeping a good line throught the track was key as each turn was slightly different. After some small adjustment’s following hot laps AJ would line up inside row 2 for the first heat. After what seemed to be a lengthend race then previously planned AJ was able to finish a solid 2nd place. New to team AJ was the format of the races as a second round of heat races would take place before the features. With a slight invert from the first heat AJ would line up outside row one. AJ was able to get a great jump on the pole sitter and took the lead coming out of turn 2 and never looked back. AJ would hold off the 2nd place driver for 8 laps and score her first ever bandolero’s win! AJ along with the team were ecstatic for the well deserved win and couldn’t wait to get on the track for the feature. AJ would once again line up outside front row. This time the pole sitter was able to hold off AJ thru turns 1 and 2 but AJ wouldn’t give up. AJ stayed right on the leaders bumper waiting to make a move but lap traffic made it difficult to make any challenge for the lead as she would have to accept a 2nd place finish. Team AJ was very proud of the day and look forward to returning to the premier facility this Saturday October 27th. Team AJ would like to thank all of there sponsors that have helped them get to this first bandolero win and the continued support from friends and family.

10/08/12 - Team Aj competing in 2 race oval series

Team Aj will be competing the next two Saturdays at the US Air Speedway in Shawano WI. These two races will mark the debut of the bandoleros at one of Wisconsin’s premier karting facilities. The first race will be this saturday october 13th with hot laps getting underway around 1:00. Team Aj is excited to once again be a part of a first time bandolero event and is looking for a strong finish to the 2012 season. For more infromation on US Air Speedway visit www.usairmotorsports.com. Team Aj looks forward to competing again and invites anyone attending to stop by the trailer and say hi!

10/08/12 - Team Aj is now an official Inex and Behlings dealer!!!

Team Aj is honored to announce that they are now an official Inex dealer and Behlings race products dealer. This will allow many local race teams to receive and order parts for there team in a much more convenient and faster ordering process. Inex has been the sanctioning body of US Legends cars and Bandoleros since 1995. Behling Racing products has been supplying parts for race teams for over 40 years and still supplies some of the biggest names in racing. Feel free to contact team Aj regarding any questions on ordering parts from Inex or Behlings.

09/13/12 - Strong Finish @ State Park Speedway

Team AJ headed to there home track for the final time in the 2012 season looking for a good finish to there Bandolero debut season at State Park Speedway. With some recent practice on the track Team AJ had the confidence they needed to run strong. AJ would start her heat race mid pack and show that she wasn’t scared to battle as she held on to a good 3rd place finish. In the feature AJ would once again line up mid pack but this time she was determined to push towards the front. Early on she would make quick work on the 3rd place driver and had clear vision of the leaders. Lap by lap AJ was shaving the distance from herself to the lead pack. Half way through the race the first and second battle would encounter some contact allowing AJ to show her bumper to them and two laps later AJ would make the pass on the second place driver. AJ fought the rest of the race and came home with a well earned 2nd place and her best finish of her young Bandolero career. While the short State Park season has come to an end Team Aj is looking forward to a few more races this fall. As always Team AJ would like to thank the continued support of all there sponsors and look forward to future races.

08/21/12 - Busy week ahead for Team AJ

This Thursday will start off a full weekend of racing for team AJ. On Thursday night AJ will be in attendance for the debut of bandolero racing at State Park Speedway in Wausau WI. The team has been anticipating this race for many weeks and look forward to a great finish at our home track. Immediately following the races team AJ will pack up and head west to Minnesota for a two race swing. Friday night AJ will return to Raceway Park in Shakopee where a month ago she made her asphalt racing debut. The team will then head south 30 min on Saturday night to Elko Speedway in Elko Minnesota.  Everyone at team AJ is exited for the action packed weekend and look forward seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

08/10/12 - AJ is going asphalt racing!

After the first several months of dirt sprint car racing AJ recived the opportunity to race an asphalt Bandolero car  in Minnesota. She made her debute in the Bandolero car quickly learning the ropes of asphalt racing and having a very successful first weekend.  With several conversations among the team, Team AJ has changed a bit in the direction we were heading.  All though AJ may run a few select dirt races yet this year.  The Team is now refocusing to blacktop.  This weekend Team AJ will be helping out State Park Speedway in displaying her Bandolero car this Sunday at State Park Speedway in Wausau Wisconsin.  State Park is the first asphalt race track that has agreed to run the Bandolero’s as a weekly class for 2013.  For more information on the “Bandolero’s” please feel free to call the race shop at (715) 675-9099 after 5pm….

02/14/12 - AJ’s Race Weekend / Race Schedule Change

The WKSRA race series has decided to find a new venue this weekend after the great people in Richland Center, WI were forced to cancel their event due to unseasonable weather.  This weekend Team AJ will be headed to Hatley, WI and Pike Lake Resort.  The event will be held Sunday, February 19th, 2012 with hot laps at 8:30 and racing starts at 10:00.  The team is excited about this weekend schedule change.  It bring the event a lot closer home and gives the team a badly needed additional day in the shop.  Please make sure to stop by the trailer this weekend if you make it out to Hatley.  A special “Thanks” goes out to “Pike Lake Resort” stepping up and helping make the weekend event possible.

01/24/12 - AJ Wins Another World Championship!

AJ drove to another World Championship in Eagle River on Friday with coming home first in Stock Kitty Cat.  AJ  raced hard through all her heat races and landing her a spot in the final in Stock Kitty Cat.  When the green flag flew in the final,  she grabbed the hole shot and held on to lead it wire to wire.  She battled hard for the first few laps with Luke Fenhaus before taking a commanding lead and bringing home her 8th World Championship in her young career.  Along with her big win, AJ also competed in Vintage Kitty Cat with a solid 2nd place on Friday as well.  On Sunday AJ had three classes to compete in as well at the 49th Annual World Championships.  She ran hard all day long winning the Stock 120 Consi, however she was not done their.  She again race hard in all the qualifying heats and semi’s landing a spot in both finals in Super Stock finishing 5th and Improved 120 finishing 4th.  She also was the only girl racer that made both finals.  Please make sure to check the results page for her entire race weekend from Eagle River World Championships.

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