08/10/12 - AJ is going asphalt racing!

After the first several months of dirt sprint car racing AJ recived the opportunity to race an asphalt Bandolero car  in Minnesota. She made her debute in the Bandolero car quickly learning the ropes of asphalt racing and having a very successful first weekend.  With several conversations among the team, Team AJ has changed a bit in the direction we were heading.  All though AJ may run a few select dirt races yet this year.  The Team is now refocusing to blacktop.  This weekend Team AJ will be helping out State Park Speedway in displaying her Bandolero car this Sunday at State Park Speedway in Wausau Wisconsin.  State Park is the first asphalt race track that has agreed to run the Bandolero’s as a weekly class for 2013.  For more information on the “Bandolero’s” please feel free to call the race shop at (715) 675-9099 after 5pm….